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Life can throw all kinds of curve balls that create stress, anxiety or confusion. If you’ve struggled to deal with something in your work, relationships, or life, then I can help you move forward and start feeling normal again.

I deal with a wide range of issues online, including anxiety, confidence, exam nerves, phobias and smoking, and my specialist area is toilet anxiety. I also offer relationship counselling for couples.

Zoom is reliable and secure, with data encryption to ensure confidentiality. It also works well for people with slower internet, such as mobile data plans.

Browse my online calendar and book your session today, or contact me to see if I can help.

“At a very difficult and low time in my life, I came across Heidi. She listened to all my issues without judgement and didn’t bat an eyelid when all I could do was cry. Our sessions together were so constructive and enabled me to understand myself and my emotions – more importantly, how to love myself again.”
Jill, Gravesend

Private Sessions For Faster Help

Mental health awareness campaigns have done a lot to highlight the benefit and importance of getting professional help, but this can mean longer wait times for NHS treatments. Getting private help means you can start living your life again much sooner.

Toilet Anxiety

Anxiety about needing the toilet is very common. I specialise in helping sufferers via Zoom from the comfort of their home.

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Whether you are self-conscious in social settings, or feel useless, not good enough, or a failure, I can help.

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General Anxiety

If you want to be free of the crippling effects of anxiety or panic, you’ve come to the right place.

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All relationships have ups and downs, but if yours is leaving you lonely, frustrated, sad or angry, then get in touch.

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Heidi Woodgate
Heidi Woodgate, MNCS Accred

Over 18 Years Experience

A lot of people I meet feel stuck or burdened in some way, whether by negative feelings, worrying thoughts, work or personal situations, or unexpected life changes.

Since 2004, I’ve helped people make changes they never thought were possible, so I know this can be one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

So if life isn’t going the way you would like it to, get in touch and let’s start making positive steps towards taking back control of your life.

– Heidi Woodgate

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Standard appointments are 50-60 minutes long via Zoom. You can also kickstart your progress with a breakthrough session

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What people are saying

Upon meeting Heidi, I immediately felt she understood me. She was very inspirational to me and made me feel good about myself. I regained my confidence and even started driving again


Low Confidence

 Heidi was very patient and understanding, listened to my problems and provided excellent guidance on ways to rethink my situations. I wish I had explored this avenue of treatment years ago.



I came to see Heidi to help with some personal issues, I have seen several counsellors in the past but found Heidi to be the best by a mile – would highly recommend her to anyone considering counselling. 


Personal Issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

I’m based in Northfleet, Kent (DA11), but sessions can be conducted online.

What are your practice hours?

My practice hours are 8:30am-8pm, Monday to Wednesday, and 9am-4pm Thursday and Friday.

How long have you been in business?

I’ve been practising in Gravesend and online since 2004.

How much and how long are sessions?

What type of therapy do you practice?

Over the years I have found that there is no ‘one size fits all’ and all therapies have their own strengths. I use an integrative approach and blend therapies to achieve your goals. Some sessions may involve more talking through the issues that have been bothering you, other sessions may be more focused towards your goals and we combine more hypnotherapy into the session. 

Regardless of techniques, each session we will discuss your progress since we last met, how you are feeling and what is going to be most helpful to move you forward.

How do I start?

 first appointment is an opportunity for us to discuss your current situation and agree a treatment plan. We’ll explore what you’d like to achieve, what you might need and how we can achieve it.