Do you wish you had more confidence?

Perhaps you struggle in social situations or feel self-conscious? Or maybe you feel stuck and can’t seem to climb out of the rut?

If you have any negative thoughts about yourself or find certain situations difficult, then I can help you get more confidence.

Lack of confidence, low self esteem and self-consciousness are all related and affect many things, including how you feel about yourself and others, how easy you find making decisions, and how capable you feel.

They all affect people in varying degrees and for some, causes many problems in day to day life.

So what would you like to change?

  • Is it certain ways you act at certain times?
  • Or thoughts that stop you doing things?
  • Or a lack of confidence when you really needed it?
  • Or maybe a specific feeling that you have no control over?

Ask yourself the following two questions:

  • I would describe someone with high self esteem as…
  • I would describe my self esteem as…

If the two do not match then I can almost certainly help you.

Just imagine…

  • Finding ways to feel happier
  • Noticing more confidence
  • Being free of overwhelming feelings
  • Feeling able to reach your goals and dreams

This is all possible, and the good news is that it is not always as hard as you think to change. Confidence is not something you have, it’s a way of behaving, and behaviours can be changed.

Like many behaviours, there is often an underlying reason for a lack of confidence, though sometimes this may be outside your conscious awareness. I can help you gain a greater understanding of why you feel the way you feel, and to make changes so you can start to take control of the way you feel.

I can also work with you to change any negative thinking patterns you may have – these are the thoughts which run through your mind to make you anxious or self conscious. Again, these can be thoughts you are aware of or ones that are outside your conscious understanding.

Start building your confidence today!

By working with me, you are giving yourself the opportunity to make positive changes to those thoughts, feelings and behaviours that do not help you, enabling you to build up your confidence from within.

And the great thing is that when you build your confidence from within, it is almost impossible to become ‘overconfident’. This is because overconfident people are those who generally lack confidence within – so they tend to overcompensate on the outside.

Ready to Get Started?

Treatment typically takes 5-6 sessions. These can be booked individually, or you can save with a 5 session package. You can also kickstart your progress with a 3 hour intensive Breakthrough session.

or contact me by email to make a booking offline