Counselling in Gravesend, Kent

Counselling helps when you are stuck, confused, low, anxious or stressed and need someone to talk to. It lets you untangle thoughts and feelings, take back control, and move forward in your life.

People come to counselling for many reasons, including stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, abuse, divorce or separation, conflict with others, low self-esteem, bereavement, relationships, and many other issues affecting emotional and mental well-being.

How I work

There are many different approaches to counselling, and I integrate theory from the various different models to suit the person I am counselling.

With this adaptive approach I can help you find a resolution to your issue that suits you, your values and your way of life. I tend to work short-term, which means my aim is always to help you in the shortest number of sessions possible.

Your sessions can then be weekly or spread out over time to give you time to absorb each session try out any techniques. We will always monitor and manage your progress. Most clients notice good results in around 6 sessions, sometimes more and occasionally less but that is a good average.

Some people like to get moving as fast as possible so I offer an intensive 3 hour breakthrough session that has been developed through personal experience, extensive training and research.

Others like to take one session at a time. There is no right or wrong option, your life is important, and I commit to supporting, encouraging and helping you to make the changes you desire whatever way forward you choose.

Sessions can be at my office in Gravesend, or online via Zoom.

Ready to Get Started?

Treatment typically takes 5-6 sessions. These can be booked individually, or you can save with a 5 session package. You can also kickstart your progress with a 3 hour intensive Breakthrough session.

or contact me by email to make a booking offline