Dealing With Life’s Potholes

The council arrived outside our house this morning to start fixing up all the potholes.

They have to do it every year, because the water seeps into the joins and ridges between the patches and freezes, cracking the tarmac. So by the time winter ends, the potholes have re-appeared.

I sometimes think that if they just resurfaced the whole road, so it was nice and smooth with no joins, then they wouldn’t need to keep fixing potholes every year.

But I guess that it’s quicker, cheaper and easier to just patch holes.

It evens out the annual budgets and keeps the contractors busy.

It does just enough to stop the roads from getting a lot worse.

And there’s always a risk that a utility company will need to dig everything up one day anyhow.

So we just make do with a bumpy patchwork quilt of a road for most of the year.

Life can be a bit like that too.

It often seems quicker and easier to paper over our issues and hope that they go away.

There never seems to be a “right time”, so we do just enough to stop everything falling apart.

We just make do with a life that’s not as smooth, easy flowing or happy as it could be.

I never ceased to be amazed how long people muddle on, just coping with problems that can often be resolved pretty quickly.

And I love it when clients tell me how their lives are so much better that they wish they’d done something about it years ago.

Like the 65 year old lady I saw recently who overcame her lifelong fear of driving, passed her test and discovered a whole new world of freedom and confidence.

If you are fed up patching the potholes in your life, here’s what to do.

Heidi Woodgate

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