It’s freezing… are you happy yet?

I don’t know about you, but it’s been flipping cold outside the last few days.

It’s ok though… because according to research published by Osaka University in 2011, people feel happiest when the temperature is 13.9°C.

I kid you not.

Closer to home, when the University of Sussex got 22,000 people to log their emotional state and location into an app back in 2013, they found that being outdoors made people happier.

Especially if they are near the sea.

So, if anxiety, panic, phobias, insomnia, lack of confidence, low self esteem, or bad habits are ruining your happiness, the answer is clear.

Go for a chilly stroll on the Gravesend prom.

It’s not a permanent fix, of course, but hey, the research says you’ll feel a bit happier.

Or come sort out the root causes with me in my lovely warm office.

I know where I’ll be.

Heidi Woodgate

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