I’m Fine (and Other Lies)

No time to hang around today, so I’ll jump right into today’s tip.

You know how adults will often say they are “fine” when clearly they are not?

Well, I’ve noticed that children do a similar thing when they are worried.

But instead of saying they are “fine”, they often say they are “bored”.

Being “bored” (or finding something “boring”) gives them a reason to escape a situation they are uncomfortable or worried about, without losing face or appearing vulnerable.

And because boredom is a kind of detachment, it allows them to avoid strong feelings, such as anger, frustration or anxiety.

Plus, they know that parents will often leap to the rescue when boredom strikes.

So, if your child suddenly starts finding school or a hobby they used to enjoy boring, it might be they are worried, anxious, frustrated or angry about some aspect of that experience.

It’s not a cast iron rule, as interests can just change, but sudden onset of boredom can be a useful indicator that your child may not be “fine”.

If you are worried about your child, please book a session.

Heidi Woodgate

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