It’s the environment, stoopid

The last couple of weeks, we’ve been visiting secondary schools with our eldest.

Saturday we visited a school and hated it.

The open day was packed. The teachers and students seemed disinterested. The school buildings looked tired and depressing. And top it off, it was raining cats and dogs.

Compared with some of the other schools we’d seen, with bright, modern, spacious buildings, enthusiastic staff and students, it felt like a prison.

Which was really annoying, as it’s close to where we live and well regarded locally.

So we decided to go back again for a visit during a school day.

This time, we were in a small group of parents. Classes were in full swing, teachers enthusiastically welcomed us in, students looked engaged and happy, and our two student tour guides were as chatty as you like.

And we walked away with a really positive feeling.

Now, I don’t think the school and everyone in it had a transformation overnight.

But this time, they were in their familiar routines. The place wasn’t swamped with parents. It wasn’t raining.

The environment was totally different.

And when you change the environment, you change behaviour.

Sometimes, as in this case, it’s easy to see what the issue is. But often life isn’t so clear cut.

I can help you figure out what’s knocking your personal environment out of balance.

The things that are making your life feel like a dreary prison.

All you have to do is book a session online.

Heidi Woodgate

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