Online Consultations Now Available

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Helping you come out of this stronger

The past few months in lockdown have been challenging. Many people have suffered disappointments, losses, worries and stress, both in their personal and working lives.

Isolation from our friends and support networks has also intensified everyday social and mental health problems – such as anxiety, fears, and relationship issues.

If you are worried, upset, confused, sad, angry or struggling with your current situation, I can help.

Putting your needs first

The health and wellbeing of my clients is my primary concern, and in line with government advice, the guidelines of my professional association and insurers, and also because of family circumstances, I am now exclusively seeing clients using Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

Over the last 15 years of helping clients, as well as supervising other counsellors, I’ve been very mindful of circumstances that can make online consultations a success or failure.

For example, whether you have a private location at home, whether it’s appropriate if your family members overhear your conversation with me, whether you are likely to be interrupted by pets, children, callers, or deliveries, and whether your internet connection is stable enough for uninterrupted service.

I’ve considered all these questions and taken steps to ensure the service I can provide online matches the quality of therapy I used to provide face-to-face.

Saving you time and money too

These are challenging times, so as well as being able to speak to me from the comfort of your home, I’m also extending my free consultation offer so that you can try out an online consultation with me and make sure it’s right for you.

Finally, I’m still allowing the same buffer zone between clients as I used to for face-to-face sessions. This ensures that you are not disadvantaged in the event of unexpected interruptions.

And in the event that connection problems prevent us meeting at all, I will reschedule your session without any further charge.

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